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I didnt get any project yet.... how can i get

i didnt get any project yet… how can i get

plz. don’t mind, presentation of GIG (which is gateway) is not good enough

Did you read this?

Simple tips: Patience - you’ve only been here a very short time. Your translation gig is likely to get you poor reviews. You claim every language which is not possible. If you use translator software it’s not going to be a great translation. If people want software translation most will do it themselves for free.

The link I gave you has many more tips.

you have to make your gig more powerful and to the point . hope so this will work

Be patience, be honest with your buyers and always deliver what you’ve promised.


Do active in fiverr it will surely make business

Your translation gig is stupid. I’m a native Russian speaker and you have a total bullshit on your screenshot. Please, delete it. You’re spoiling reputation of good, honest and professional translators. I couldn’t believe how people can lie so desperately. It’s the same, if I would make a gig to translate from English to Japanese without knowing a single word. I’m very angry with you. You won’t make any business with this attitude.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Well said! That kind of behavior is an embarrassment for other sellers. I especially feel bad for honest sellers who are not native English speakers. Translation services can be the best opportunities. A horrible translation gig can make buyers fear all the good ones. The only thing I will say for the OP is that he’s brand new and maybe thought it was a good gig offering. Now he’s been told otherwise and it’s up to him to fix it and move forward. Hopefully he does. If not, the buyers are likely to avoid him or sink him with negative ratings.

Reply to @fonthaunt: We have a perfect example of this situation in this topic. That is why I’m so angry. Now, this person will tell to his friends, that Fiverr is a total fraud.

Yeah… your translation gig appears to be nothing more than you entering the source language into Google Translate.

You spelled fiverr wrong on the “unique looks to texts” gig. Not good for credibility. And ditto to what others said about the translating one. So, to answer your question, it seems like you need to offer real and unique services and you need to describe those services on the gig pages.

But I’m new here, so I guess I don’t really know. Seems like common sense though.