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I didn't get any sell in my resume gig. How can i improve?

I am new here, But I have real working experience in resume, Cover letter, CV design, etc. I didn’t get any sell in my resume gig. How can i improve?

Hello there,

I don’t think you should be selling resume writing gigs. The quality of your writing just isn’t strong enough. Your grammar is poor. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m being honest and answering your question. You aren’t qualified to provide that service and that is why you are not making sales. It takes years of practice to become skilled in writing. You should spend at least another two years practicing writing in English, before you will be qualified to charge anyone for that service. We all slip up sometimes. No writer is perfect. No amount of practice will eliminate all typos and grammar errors, but you have an abundance of errors here.

You should try offering another service. I’m sure there are other areas where you are qualified.
Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your good suggestion.

You’re so elegant in the way you write that you could quite possibly murder someone and still be invited to the funeral to deliver their eulogy. :slight_smile:

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Send buyer request daily hope you get order soon,

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Tanks for good suggestion.