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I didn't get any single order on my fiverr profile yet!

I didn’t get any single order on my fiverr profile yet! Someone must help me and suggest me, what should i do?

Here is fiverr my profile link :
Please check it and resolve my order related issues.

I’m waiting for positive response from forum authorities or representatives.


You don’t magically “get” orders, you earn them by connecting to your target market, and convincing your desired customers to hire you to solve their problems/needs.

What are YOU doing to connect to your target customers?


Good question! My dear friend and Let me say to you that I have did many things to connect to my target customers. If you have good suggest so you can advise me. Let me clear to you one thing. I do not expect any magic as you said at above in your declaration.

Thank you

Trying continue with passion. You need to send 10 request everyday. I have got my first order after a long time than I had create my gigs. Go to forum & read the topics regularly. Share your gigs in social media like FB, Likedin etc.

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Thank you for your valuable response and let me clear you i didn’t get any buyer request (my buyer request section is empty, there are no buyer request) at my buyer section then in this situation. Can you suggest me that How can i send my buyer request? Please help me on this issue.

Please check the buyer request link:

I cannot possibly be your friend, much less your “dear friend”, since we have never met, and I do not know you personally. It is unwise to address people in this manner unless you know them personally.

And what have you done thus far? If you can’t think of any ways to connect to your customers, then you aren’t likely to gain any customers, sales, or interest in your gigs. Every product or service has a market of people who need that product or service. Do some brainstorming, and figure out how you might be able to connect your freelance service to the needs to those target customers.

I have advised you. And no, I’m not going to do your research for you. YOU can do your own market research, and connect your services to the people who need those services. You are owner of your services. It is your responsibility to do your own market research.

Good. I’m glad to hear this. But you would be wise to expect hard work. You’re not going to be successful without it. Time to get busy! Good luck.

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Hello @ravinder714820

Here are some tips that you should follow to improve your gig & to get orders from buyers.

  1. Create gig on unique topics atleast 5 Gig.
  2. Choose a catchy Gig title, tags & Image.
  3. Promote your gig on social media.
  4. Use Forum to chat with other sellers & take improvement tips.
  5. Send the buyer requests
  6. Stay online with your account 5-6 hours daily.
  7. Grow your skill everyday.

Read the forum’s tips

Best of luck for your future orders.


Thank you for your valuable information to shared with me.

Thank you once again


You are most welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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