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I didn't get Anything. what's next?



I paid for logo creation. Seller didn’t send it and wrote that ’ i will send it soon’ when 1 hour left.

What i have to do? now writing that ’ YEEHAAA! HERE’S YOUR DELIVERY!’ but i didn’t get anything.


Request a modification. Then take a snapshot of the screen and contact Customer support. Sellers are not supposed to deliver empty gigs, especially when it is not agreed to beforehand.


I understand that you should get what you pay for but give the guy a break. If you have a tight schedual that you need this logo for I understand, but most likely you can wait a day or 2 for this. He could just be overwelmed by orders or perhaps he is just working extra hard on your logo…

You can always reject the order it takes 3 days to complete. But contacting CS and getting his acount comprimised because hes a little late seems unfair and sort of extreme. I am just glad that these reject buttons dont exist in the real world.


Hi, I purchase a logo + extras with included fast delivery.

I received a reply with comments that it has been delivered and view the attachment.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find the attachment. Is it not suppose to be at the bottom of the reply.

I sent her a reply back within 5 min saying that I do not have the file, I sent 2 other messages and she still has not replied.

I have not sent back a Request a Modification saying that I did not receive the file.

If I don’t receive a response within 15min. I will send a message to CS.

Thanks for the incite.

Unless I’m wrong, where else should I look for the file.?



Reply to @bachas85: Barbara, you’re back!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ok , logo is just received. I think they were busy because gig also pused

Thanks for the all helping comments.


Reply to @krissuh: Hi @krissuh! I think we are experiencing the same dilemma from the same buyer. Check out my post on the forum. You’ll probably say “yes indeed”; it could be the same buyer.