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I didn't Get Buyer request??

I’m open my fiverr account in june 23 and I create 3 gig.But i didn’t not any kind of buyer request.Buyer request are always empty.Now what should i do?? Please help me :confused::confused:


There are some problems going on with fiverr, even level 2 sells are not getting bjyer request


after you reach level 1 you will see many buyers request untill then you’ll need to maintain 4.5 star + rating to see buyers request new sellers get few buyers requests share you gig on social media promote it

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Yeah. No BR for today to me

yeah it happens to me too , no any sales for last 5 days

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No sales for past 10 days.,

It’s a common problem. If you things it’s happening only to you, then contact fiverr CS.

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Stay in minimum 15 to 20 hrs in a day!

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What! :scream: When do you sleep? :zzz:

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Rest of the time :sleeping:

Yeah that’s right, same problem.