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I didn't get more orders

I didn’t get more orders around about 2month.please suggest me how i can get more orders ??

if there is anyone who fragglesrock

Sheriff’s Note: Advertising in Tips for Sellers is disallowed. Your advertisement has been removed. You may advertise in My Fiverr Gigs only. Your post has also been moved to Fiverr Stories as it is not a general tip for sellers.

Please be patient. But don’t sit back and do nothing. Get active, promote your gigs elsewhere on the internet, and understand that you are not entitled to orders just because you have active gigs. Please take responsibility for your own success. Do the work, treat your gigs like a business, and you will set yourself up for a better shot at sales and success.

Make more gigs.

write quality description with a video for your gig.

you need to promote your gigs in social medias and also check “Buyer request” area and join forums.

you need to also update title and description fully seo optimized and choose correct TAG :slight_smile:

Reply to @andrusmith: This is not the place to promote your Gigs. Nor does this help the OP.

Great tips! However, and I apologize as I must be completely blind, where is the buyer request area?

I would recommend you to use an Email Extractor. This program collect e-mail addresses on any given keywords. Then you can send direct letters to people who might be interested in your proposition. The program allows you to get more than 2,500 e-mail addresses within 25minutes! If you want to know how it works, you can find it on Youtube-

Thanks all of you

Reply to @kiranshehzadi: I don’t think you’re allowed to post a link leading to your gig in the Tips for Sellers section, a moderator will likely remove this post or modify it… hehe

And well… about your question… Fiverr is a very competitive place… You’ll have to market your gig very well or you can check the Buyer’s requests section and make an offer there. :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: I agree. You have to treat your gigs like a business to be successful.

Reply to @regowriting: You can find it by hovering over your username and scrolling down to Requests. Here is a link to create a new one if you want to use this instead: