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I didn't get my first order

Hey. I’m iliyas. I published my 7 gig one month before. I’m still waiting for my first order. Please help me.


How can get my first order

Did you try looking for help here on forum? As in reading replies to others asking same question?


Please do not despair

don’t give up be patience one day you will recieve order…


Hi, @Rajjmiraj
Welcome to the Fiverr forum.
Now you must be active on Fiber and Forum for most of the day and try to read daily posts.
And you should try to share the jigs on your social channel and complete 10 bids per day at the request of the buyer.
Work hard and you will soon have success


Thank you so much…I will try that

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One month+ I wait for my first order…Thank you

Be patient, success will come.

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many many thanks… I believe that too

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absolutely right .i also doig this


Very good. Without hard work, you can not success person.
Have a good day

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Hi. I’ve had a look at your profile and gigs, and at first glance everything looks good. It’s great that you’ve taken a couple of skills tests, your gig photos look appealing, and your response rate is very good. However…

  1. you are offering services in one of the most competitive fields on Fiverr. There are thousands of other sellers offering similar services to you, although that on its own doesn’t mean you won’t be offered jobs. Which is why I think number 2 is an issue…

  2. Your English is letting you down. Bearing in mind I’ve spent less than one minute looking at your your profile, yet I’ve noticed some of your gig titles don’t make any sense. The gig title is your shop window, your chance to shout about your service, the way people search for services on Fiverr. No matter how amazing your skills, if your gig titles make no sense then you’re not going to get an order. Two examples from your profile:

  • I will provide neck joint fast. What? I don’t understand! It’s only when I look at your gig photo that I can see two images of shirts, one with the neck collar neatly fastened and the other with the neck open. Your gig title could instead be * I will alter photos of shirts so they appear neatly fastened at the collar

  • I will product photo editing for e commerce. What? I don’t understand! Your gig photo shows two similar images side by side, but one has a display support structure removed. Therefore your gig title could be something like * I will remove unwanted display structures from your photos ready for e-commerce

My examples can be improved further, but at least they make sense.

Also, your personal description can be improved. You write: Hi!
I specialize in photo retouching\ Photoshop editing such as removing the background, color correction, Product retouch and others Graphics design work.
I always try to delivery the Best Design and complete the job quickly.
Please contact me and I will be pleased to work with you!
All work takes place within 24hours

How about: Hi. I specialize in Photoshop editing services including photo retouching, removing backgrounds, color correction, and other graphic design tasks. Please see my gigs for individual services. I have XX years of experience and assure you of a highly professional service. I always aim to deliver the very best results in the quickest time to ensure your satisfaction. All work is completed within 24 hours. Please contact me to discuss your job. I will be pleased to work with you.

You’ve just had a free proofreading service! Good luck my friend.


Just promote your gigs on social media, one day you will get your order.

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thank you …I will try that

thank you… thank you so much for the advice me

I have the same issue, I have been on Fiverr for almost a month yet there’s no single order. I won’t lie, it’s discouraging, I’m looking for the strength to carry on. Anyone care to go through my gig to see if I have any problems?

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Thank you for your advice,
Please can now check if my gig’s titles are right? Please help

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I tried that as well… But still I am not getting orders

don’t give up…