I didn't get my revenue :O


I should’ve gotten my revenue of about $34, it says I received, yet there is no money in my fiverr balance, nor on my paypal.
What should I do?


successful transfer to Paypal, Has it been?


Make sure you’re looking at the right paypal account.

Check if there’s any time delays built into the transfer both at Fiverr and Paypal ends.

After at least 24 hours, ask Fiverr to check everything at their end, and paypal to check everthing at their end.


You should ask customer support about this.

One time there was a long delay on getting my balance into Paypal. So I called Paypal and they were having some technical difficulties. You can find their phone number online.


Thank you, it’s not Paypal, it’s Fiverr that isn’t crediting my completed gigs.


paypal, It is not. Fiverr, it is. not crediting me for my completed gigs, They are.