I didnt get new buyer request from last 5 days


I didn’t get new buyer request from last 5 days, what happen??


It happens. I just went 4 days with no orders and now they’re rolling in again. Just be patient :slight_smile:


I am a new fiverr user, I just complete 8 orders. So I was feeling worry about that. Now ok…
Another thing is didn’t get customers response against my offers :frowning:


In this current month, till now i have received only one order. Thing is not be worried. Don’t lose hope. Be patient and socialize your gigs as well as use BR. :wink:


Actually now a days sellers are posting more requests than buyers…!!!


Yes, this is really weird. Yesterday, I could not see any new buyer’s requests till late in the afternoon. But now, I can’t even see them anymore, actually the latest B.requests are from the 18th. Something is not working!


don’t know what is the problm


Sellers should not be allowed to post any requests. I mean they know the platform very well, They don’t need to post one.


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