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I Didn't get new order since 2 month

Hi there Fiverr community, I’m a new seller. I have 4 gigs in vector tracing service. I have been complete 3 orders successfully with a 5-star rating almost 2 months ago. But after then, these 2 months, I didn’t get any new order. My gig impression is not good, And clicks are almost none. Please help me out, How can I get more order.
Advance Thanks to all.

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Thanks for Your Valuable Feedback. I will follow your Guideline.

Please, for the love of God, don’t do this. It is considered spam and will get you a warning or a ban.

Also, staying online, posting on the forum, and sharing your gig on social media will not get you orders.


I already scolded her for her “list” of what new sellers should do. Unfortunately, I think she is on a copy/paste spree giving out this bad advice in the forum.

I wonder if SHE “knocks” her old buyers? I guess reading the TOS or more than a couple of hours of the forum to see that reaching out to buyers is a NO NO (unless you are responding to a message THEY sent YOU first OR a Buyer’s Request). She will find out when her account gets a warning or banned if she is putting into practice what she preaches.