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I didn't get order

Hello, Fiverr community. I successfully completed 6 orders this month, But Last 10 days I did not get any order. I didn’t find my GIG in the search list, Please tell me why?

Did you try all possible keywords that your gig may appear in? If you see a problem with your gig not appearing in the search list, you can try asking Customer Support to look into it :slight_smile:


Thanks for replay. I use suitable keyword. My best selling gig was in 3rd page but now i didn’t found them.:disappointed_relieved:

I’m confused. Your best-selling gig only has 2 reviews?

yes. because I am new seller,

My point exactly. You are a new seller. You cannot expect to be instantly successful with multiple sales every day. That’s not how it works – especially for new seller. You are going to have to EARN your sales. What are you doing to reach out to your target customers and show them how you can solve their problems?

Thanks for replay. I generally share my service on Twitter and some affiliate marketer forum site to reach my targeted customer.

I can guarantee that those sites are NOT full of your target customers. The people on Twitter are likely just your friends, or people who like to read what you write. They are unlike to to buy from you. And the people on “affiliate marketer forums” are… wait for it… affiliate marketers. They are trying to sell their own services, and are highly unlikely to buy from you.

You need to find the CUSTOMERS who need your services. Plastering your gig links on social media to your friends, and affiliate markers sites to people who aren’t even buying anything is not going to make you anywhere near successful.

Who are the people who need your services? Where are THOSE PEOPLE located? Figure that out, and go to those places and interact with those target customers.

What you are doing right now, is likely just wasting your time spamming people who have no interest in what you are selling. If you want to be successful and earn sales, you can – and need to – do better.

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This replay is very helpful for me. I also realize that Twitter and affiliate marketing forum didn’t give me anything. I don’t get a single buyer from it. I try to find out my targeted customer in another way.

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