I didn't get payment for my work


Why? I created a gig, someone bought, and i delivered the work? where is my money? and why it shows only 4$ if i asked 5$ for it?


Fiverr takes a $1 fee for hosting your gig and there is a waiting period for the money, although I’m not sure how long that is. You might want to visit the FAQ for the details.


LOL. 1$ for hosting 20kb? 17 days? My first experience here, and also the last. Goodbye.


Be patient… this is just beginning for your success getting more income from fiverr


pinguinoz…you are soo funny…gotta be patient buddy…


I hate giving away money as much as the next guy, but you can’t seriously expect a site to hire staff and buy good servers without making a profit. If gigs were $50 or $500 then 20% would be way too high…but it’s $5. 20% seems pretty reasonable to me.