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I didn't got an Order yet?


I have been started selling my services on fiverr for more then 2 weeks, but I didn’t got any order yet, While I have shared my gigs on traffic referring websites too.

I’m getting concern, that what should I do to get first order? please let me know your recommendations.

Thank you

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Please move your post to the right category “My Fiverr Gigs”

By looking at your gigs and profile I see that you just started this month on Fiverr. It’s normal that it take a little bit of time since we are in a pandemic situation. There are areas of expertise with more and also less sales. However, at your search engine optimization gig I would suggest for you to be clear about what the customer really will get from you, at your description. Sometimes the clients don’t understand at the very first look what they can get and how beneficial is your gig to their business. That make them feel not ready to buy it. But, since you are a specialist in SEO I’m absolutely sure that you can improve your gigs and start having sales. Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you the best of luck. :four_leaf_clover:

You haven’t got any order yet , but you have been selling your service for 2 weeks !! Strange !!!
Explain about it.

Sharing gig means not getting an order. Getting order depends mostly below points.

  1. Reach your service to targeted people those who need this service which you want to provide.
  2. Need to analyze that how customers will be benefited by your service. Otherwise they would not buy.

@nawazroid do not worry, everything will be fine, just keep promoting your service to the target customers and be positive…I saw someone in this group that joined Fiverr last month, and the person currently having over 190+ reviews… amazing right? Just keep doing the best to your gig and you will come out at the top soon…