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I didnt got any order yet, anyone can support

How can i get an order, Its been more than 1 year, anyone can support me


If you are just waiting for the order than its gonna take a long time for you to get order.
You should send offers to buyer requests regularly.
And you should edit your gig to make it more attractive .

And if your doing all that then I can only say that keep trying and don’t lose hope


If it’s been a year, then I believe there is something lacking in your gig

it could be a gig image, description, or tags

So basically you need to focus on how can I improve my gig

and I can see that you are offering logo service which is a very competitive field in Fiverr.

Sometimes we can get lost in the sea.

Show the sea that you are a king of it (if you know what I mean)


Your account was opened in December 2020!


You are offering to translate an entire book from French, Chinese or German into English within 48 hours for $10. There is absolutely nothing credible about this service, particularly when the level of English demonstrated on your profile is not ‘fluent’ as you claim. Why would anyone order this service from you? To succeed you have to be credible. You have to be realistic about the service you offer. No one with any sense is going to trust this gig.


This tells a lot about his seriousness towards his profession

thanks for your tip…

thankyou so much for your lovely comment… :kissing_heart:

yeah i feel like its 1 year :lying_face: :pleading_face:

Sometimes it’s interesting to go back on threads to see how people interpret advice.

I couldn’t care less that you’ve ignored what I’ve said - but I do care about future sellers who might find this thread over the coming weeks and months.

You thanked one seller for their tip / advice. They have 2 reviews.

You thanked another seller for their comment. They have 0 reviews.

The seller with more than 500 reviews, and therefore actual genuine experience you could benefit from - you completely ignore! And you wonder why you haven’t made any sales?

There is a well-known condition in psychology where people only believe what they want to believe, and ignore everything else - no matter how accurate it may be.


May be translator couldn’t translate your English into English !

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