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I didn't got any work yet

I need any kind of data entry related work. Please some one suggest me what I have to do to get work fast.

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Go through this Forum - literally thousands of people ask the same question every single day, and many people already gave recomendations here at this forum


Exactly what @olyasr said.

There are (my estimation) 25-50 new Fiverr members a day.

That’s 750-1,500 newbies A MONTH.

Out of that total, there are going to be a lot of them who offer data entry.

What I’m getting at is that you have competition here and it increases EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Spend some time reading the Fiverr Tips section of the Forum and the Terms of Service to get a better understanding of how Fiverr works.

You may wait for days, weeks, or longer for a job.

That’s how it is for some Sellers here.