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I didn't got my payout

Hi Team,

One of the buyer had asked me for something on which if I can help. And he uploaded the source file. I completed it and sent it before time but I didn’t got my payout from Fiverr. Can Fiverr help me on this?

Did you complete his request as part of an official order or through the messaging system? It needs to be through an order, otherwise the buyer won’t actually have bought anything. Some buyers will attempt to scam unwary sellers by requesting services through messages and promising payment later.

If you did complete an order, then you just have to wait a bit for the money to come through. Fiverr adds the money for each order to your Fiverr account 3 days after the order is marked complete. This basically gives the buyer time to review the order. After that 3 day period, the funds take 2 weeks to process and become available for withdrawal.

I hope that helps!

The way Fiverr works is you ALWAYS get paid first. They buyer must purchase a gig before you do any work. Some people will try and scam you. Don’t let it happen more than once and consider is a lesson learned.

NOw if you are saying that the buyer did buy a gig, you received the order, you did the work, but Fiverr did not pay you yet, that is because it takes 14 days for money to clear before you can withdraw it,