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I didn't know about this and it's just bonkers [Buyer's Hidden Feedback]

Due to the unfixable mess that is orders coming in but not appearing in my dashboard, I have had to rush to outsource some parts of some jobs over the past 24-hours. The good news? - The two people I chose to order work from on Fiverr really pulled through for me. (Thanks).


This was the first time in a long time that I have ordered work on Fiverr and I’m a bit flabbergasted.

Firstly, there is this:

This pops up after every message I receive from someone whom am working with (or thinking about ordering from). - And it grates me.

Since I decided to take out the trash and just send polite automated responses to the majority of people who message me, my gig search placements have… Well, they’re just not there anymore.

Thankfully, I don’t really care about this as my freelance earnings overall have more than doubled during the same period because I’m actually working without distraction.

What bugs me, though, is the fact that this gives people I have no obligation to work with, the power to rate me in secret. What, is more, we still have the secret feedback area:

How can the seller improve their service? I was appalled by this question and the choice selection. Aside from ‘other’ there simply isn’t a choice which makes it sound like the seller is doing a stella job already. (Which the sellers I worked with both were).

Of course, I know how this goes. Now is where people jump in and say, “well I always give the best service possible to even people I don’t work with blah blah.” Customer service, though, has nothing to do with this.

If I need to send out carefully crafted, gushing responses to everyone who ever messages me, in order to maintain my position in the search, this is a job in itself which needs to be costed into my gig pricing. In, fact, logically, this should double my gig prices.

In my old career, I was expert at costing things and staff wages don’t pay for themselves. This being the case, if in my old work context I worked for a company which required me to not just spend 20 minutes preparing a meal, but also 20 minutes talking to a guest about what they were about to eat, I would need to double my costs and prices accordingly.

Then we have the ‘danger money’ side of things.

If I’m priced at $10 on Fiverr and 50% of people who message me are going to rate me low for customer service because I need to say “no sorry, I cant re-write the Bible for $10,” I need to think about what I am seeing now (absolutely no presence in the Fiverr search) and say to myself, 'hey, I can’t have this. - This is detrimental to my future earnings. I either need to quadruple prices so these people don’t message me or double my prices so I get paid for the extra administration time.

But… Then we come to Catch 22. Namely, If I double or quadruple prices on what I am delivering already, I’m going to take a hit for being too expensive in the secret feedback box.

Of course, all this sounds so far like just another rant. The thing is, this year around August, my sales volume on Fiverr plummeted by 2 thirds, despite me not doing anything different. Finally, I, therefore, started paying for the equivalent of featured gig listings on another site and that saved my skin.

I didn’t want to do this. I, (like pretty much everyone) hate paying and/or bidding to get work.

The thing is, looking at the current Fiverr rating system and the presumed effect of not jumping through all these needless customer service hoops, paying for a featured listing elsewhere now makes more sense than operating the same gig here on Fiverr, from what is basically a cost perspective.

Priced at $10, 99% of buyers on what used to be my best selling gig have/had a fantastic buying experience. Despite this, though, that gig can dispear from the search due to people not being happy when I refuse to work with them at the pre-order stage. In this case, I can either invest considerably more time in just virtually cuddling people on Fiverr, or I can pay for a premium spot in the search on another site and just get on with business as usual.

Now, I really think that Fiverr needs to rethink how they are rating sellers in accordance with message responses and secret feedback. The kind of customer service Fiverr seems to want sellers to deliver doesn’t pay for itself.

Yes, if you are a new seller, you might love sending every buyer who ever messages you a long comprehensive response and having a half hour chat about what you do. In reality, though, full-time freelancers like myself whom target their services at budget to mid-range buyers, simply can’t afford to do this.

Scrap it all. Hell, if you want, add a new feature instesd, where (established) sellers can pay for premium search placement. Just please get rid of all these needless checks and balances. I mean, what have they actually accomplished? There are still as many scammers as there ever were. Really Fiverr, you are just making things difficult when all I and other sellers want to do is work.


I had to tell a couple of people who had been sending annoying messages to stop messaging me so maybe that explains why my orders are down.
I didn’t realize this could affect our gig placement.

The one where it says how can the seller improve their service is a no-win question if there is not one that says it’s already perfect.


In fairness, I have no proof it does. I’m just looking at my own position now and thinking “ahhhh, that’s why.” - (As I just tell everyone to take a rinning jump.)


Sometimes I get the one that says “was this response helpful” when I am the seller, and never know what to put.

Regarding the “was this response helpful” one, that might explain why I get people who won’t stop asking questions. Maybe they get that and want to keep putting down my answers repeatedly. I finally, after noticing someone was deliberately asking nonsense questions endlessly, told her I was too busy to continue answering. Now I’m noticing the timing on that…


I demand that this post be pinned on the first page. This is downright stupid. Seriously, who in the right mind thought of this?


This is my point. I get tons of buyers like this and up until November, it was driving me nuts. In this case, every such buyer gets an automated response. Now, since doing this, I’ve doubled my earnings on and off Fiverr BUT despite faster delivery times, more orders, increasing revenue, and faster response times, I’m worse off in Fiverr’s search than EVER.

I’m not worried as I have a good workflow at the moment. But I didn;t know until now that my rating might be effected by buyers rating message responses. I MIGHT experiment with this as on one gig, I do communicate a lot. - In fact, no I wont. That gig is now my best selling gig. I’ve already accidentally proved it to myself. :slight_smile:


I love it when you are angry.


I know I’m doing better than anyone else in my category. I don’t see any logical reason for only getting one order a day or none on some days.

My orders are less than half what they normally are. I couldn’t be running my fiverr business in any more perfect fashion. I’m going to try to stop driving myself crazy wondering what’s going on.

If fiverr wants the best in the category to not get many orders then that’s their decision. Apparently there is some factor I’m not aware of that is causing this and I will probably never know what it is.

What has hurt me the most is not being shown online any more.


I feel your pain. In the past, I would let an order run late rather than outsource to get it done on time. Now with the new rating review every couple of months, I’m consciously making an effort to meet every possible criteria. - Even if this means making a loss on an order by outsourcing due to a Fiverr bug.

All that can possibly be letting me down is my message responses and secret feedback. I didn’t know about the former and the latter I hate as I whenever I have a bad experience, I actually remind people that they are welcome to rate how they feel in a review. (As I don’t cancel orders).

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I am not a known conspiracy theorist, but I have also associated slumps in sales with me refunding big orders (and I mean $$$$) and with periods in time when I had to kindly reject prospect buyers who thought they could get a video similar to what Lucas Films would produce for $18 and change.

So I’m quite convinced that Fiverr actually listens to buyers who think my responses were not “useful”.


Yep, Me too. I just wish I had an evil twin who I could task with tedious things like tracking all such data on a graph so I could actually prove it.


I send out offers to people who message me routinely and often it’s more than they want to spend so I imagine they mark my responses as “not helpful”. Fiverr has some unusual ways of determining who is worthy and who isn’t if this is what it is doing it.

Getting an automated response would probably cause people to say it’s not helpful. I would estimate at least half of the dozens of messages I get per day are from time wasters and people who would never become a buyer and I have to ignore them or let them know I can’t help them.


I have been thinking of doing exactly this, marking every single thing I do for a month to see what the number of orders does.

Most importantly I would like to know what I did right the times when large orders suddenly flood in for a couple of hours. It is when my 3 big sellers sit on the top row and are shown to everyone in the world, but why does this manna happen when it does?

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Well from my experience, simply only replying properly to serious buyers and shooing away the rest with automated responses, is akin to being born again.

I’ve been able to be more productive over the past few months than ever in my career as a freelancer.


It sounds lovely. Day after day, month after month, to answer questions which are 80% meaningless as far as producing a purchase… it does get tiresome.

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So… this message regarding communication - pop up, when you are just inquiring, and haven’t placed an order yet?

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it’s not just a price thing.

I get some messages about graphic design.

-Yo can you make me a logo?
-Me: No I’m sorry, I am not a graphics designer, I only do motion graphics. Thank you!
-Can you refer me to someone who is a really good designer here?
-Me: No, sorry can’t do that either. I don’t know of anyone, but you can search… blah blah

–was this helpful?–



Yeah exactly. That’s bogus!

True story -

"Can you advertise my product, 20 times, over the next 24 hours for $5? "


“Well so and so, did …”

“Well I don’t and won’t - I WILL post 1 ad, however, like my gig says”

Was this helpful?


I get “how does this work” and I am not going into details of that with strangers who are just curious and want free information. I could write a book on how it works.


Here’s an experiment @misscrystal @cyaxrex

Next time you hit a sales slump or radio silence in your inbox, quickly return to the last order/discussion that went kind of south for the prospect/buyer.

Take note of the date of that exchange/order delivery and then also mark the day when you “feel” like things picked up again.

We should get a good guesstimate of how long “jail time” lasts.

I canceled an order over $1k on December 8th, and things went dead for about 20 days.