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I didn't know about this and it's just bonkers [Buyer's Hidden Feedback]

When Jim demands something, it is hard not to cooperate.

…I think that’s not the best scale of comparison. If someone on platform canceled a 1k order I’d probably do the same thing. The value of a canceled order has effects on slump/jail time. I recently canceled a $70 order and it was enough to send my gig into radio silence for 2 - 3 days.

For any order above $200, taking a negative review is always the smart option rather than a cancellation.


This is why I just don’t cancel anymore.


Exactly, even if I get a few negative reviews from salty buyers I should still technically retain a 5-star rating. This is why if anyone wants to make an order with me for more than $300 I make sure to tell them that there are no cancellation or refunds. Either they run away (which surprisingly hasn’t happened) or it goes smoothly for everyone involved.

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Or what if you don’t have all day to chit chat, with some lonely soul, who is all off topic – so you have to cut it short, so you can tend to your business… and they get offended?

I think this may have just happened to me… :expressionless: :eyes:

I never cancel to avoid negative feedback.

It never comes to that.

I had to cancel because the buyer after purchasing my custom offer started being abusive.

When confronted he replied with: “i paid so much money, do as I say”

I never cancelled an order faster.


Yeah, this is why we should have an allowance of at least 2 mutual cancellations every 60-days. I haven’t had this situation but I do have a few buyers treat me like absolute dirt when I am doing more for them already. I would love to show them the door but I hate being judged when I do.


My orders stopped when I had to cancel a $5 order from someone with an agenda. Everything I said, this person said "can you go into details about this? " It went on endlessly until I cancelled, and then I got another message saying “Can you go into details about why you cancelled?” to which I said “Sorry, I’m busy”.

So do they get that form asking how helpful an answer was for every single question they ask or just one time?


As a seller, I’ve been shown that form multiple times within the same conversation thread :pensive: it’s hopeless… (but it only showed up multiple times when I closed/reopened the conversation page)


And you know what’s even more confusing? That form was shown to me after my own message, so I didn’t know what button to click since I wasn’t sure if that form was for my own message, or for the buyer’s last message :man_facepalming:


That’s usually when I see it too, so at least we can mark ourselves as helpful :wink:

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I had two cancellations this past week - one was because the person who I was going to advertise for – website – got shut down, because she had purchased garbage traffic from someone on here, therefore my advertising was no longer needed. And another bitter buyer, who had had a bad experience with a previous seller - and basically started to get verbally abusive about his expectations before the order had even started - so, after letting him know I didn’t appreciate the assault, and quite frankly listening to him a minute longer, wasn’t worth the $20- he apologized for being abrasive, and cancelled. Since then my orders have stopped entirely. I’ve had just one inquiry over the past 24 hrs.

Both these buyers were negatively impacted by previous sellers, which ultimately worked against me.

We should be given credit for having at least some business sense - and basic common sense - in how we deal with potential problematic customers.


Maybe you were talking to another Fiverr seller?

What I feel bad about, is the fact that when I first saw this, I instinctively clicked “No” just to try and close the form box. In this case, I just (theoretically) down ranked someone, just because I am used to closing message windows I don’t want to see with a right up movement click.

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I just checked, that user has no gigs and doesn’t appear to be a seller.


It seems very odd to let other people, who may be competitors with multiple accounts, go around and shut down sales of other sellers by doing this.

To think that how many orders we are allowed to have depends on how people rate our response to messages… in one way I can understand it, but there are too many nutty people who message us.

If we send an offer they think is too high priced, they are likely to send a bad review also.

I wonder if simply sending an automated response triggers a bad review also. I can’t believe that would have a connection, from a technical point of view.


It does and to be honest, I haven’t wanted to talk about it, but I recently removed all my real estate gigs due to once a week, someone ordering but not supplying details and then half an hour later another person doing exactly the same.

Every week, the same pattern of behavior and the buyer is never contactable again.

Long story short, I figured out not just that this was sabotage but also who was doing it. I think they plan to request cancellation of all orders just prior to Jan 15th. As far as I’m concerned, though, that’s not happenig.

It is weird though. I can safely say that I was one of the first 5 (if not the first) sellers offering real estate videos on Fiverr. Now I’m also the first to completely withdraw any or similar video services because of scammer competition and outright attempts at sabotage.

Then again, Fiverr is nothing if not interesting.


the helpful response question pops up if you were a buyer at least once in the recent past.

it may be random, it may appear when you are talking to the seller you purchased from.


you should really contact CS about that. If you do, and it happens, ythey can verify IPs and such and you’ll be in the clear.


I don’t think that checking IPs is useful anymore nowadays with all these scammers hiding behind proxies / VPNs… just look at how many have multiple accounts, which shouldn’t have been possible in the first place if checking IPs was still useful :smiley: :neutral_face:

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I’m paranoid. I’ve had a huge number of $5 orders lately, more than ever.
Can’t wait to see what happens. I know of one insane person who is in my category and sends threatening messages sometimes, usually on holidays saying things like “hope your family is still ok”.

That’s very sad cyaxrex… I would contact CS about that.