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I didn't know I love making fonts SO MUCH - thank you Fiverr!

Hi gorgeous people!
I had some gigs like “writing music for your soul” according to your mood and making stickers for telegram, BUT! I discovered something new (who’d have thought?!): I’m in love with fonts… This gig is my priority and I realised that after one of the customers sent me very personal love letters between his grandparents to keep their handwritings everywhere. This was so touching and of course I made it and realised that just making fonts is so boring comparing to making them from the real ones. I would never find out about this curiosity and love without Fiverr.

So I’m sharing my favourite gig here:

It can be a good present or you can make it just for fun. Any purpose.
Please, you are very welcome to check and tell me if there are things that could increase the popularity of this gig. Or, you could make an order :wink:

Have a Happy New Year everyone!