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I didnt see buyers request in my profile

Helloo fiverr friends. I am searching for buyers request but i didnt see it in the whole profile. Can anyone tell me what is the problem.

They’re called “Send Quotes” now.

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Thanks for the reply sir but there is some problem. When i try to send quotes something written like this "You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new quotes!’. How to increase ratings please help me out

By offering services you’re truly great at, and delivering high quality work.

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Sir i want to offer my best services but i am unable to send more quotes as my ratings are 88% and they want 90%. How could i increase this to able to sent quotes

Sir > Mylady. :wink:

You can only increase your rating by delivering enough orders that will get rated positive enough to bring your percentage up again. Which unfortunately might be not easy if you can´t use Buyer Request. You can try to promote your gigs on social media and so on, use the forum search function to find posts to that topic.

You’ll have to wait for buyers to find you and order from you. You can try promoting your services outside of Fiverr.

Ok sir thanks for your time

Can u please send the link

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Ok thanks for the support

u want to sell them ur services??

Buyer Request have been changed to Send Quote

Mod note: It is under the Selling dropdown as before, just with a different name.
If it still says Buyer Requests for you, don’t worry about it.

Also, you don’t increase ratings, ratings increase themselves. If you do a good service, people will give you a good rating and the cumulative of those ratings are what you see on your profile.

Avoid buying from yourself and giving yourself ratings using other accounts, Fiverr is smart and if she notices then you’d probably lose your account.