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I didn't show any buyers request client

I didn’t get any buyers request client please help me.


Create at least 3 gigs in same category then hopefully, you will start seeing buyer requests.

I already have 2 gigs

Create 1 more but remember in same category

Install the mobile phone app for Fiverr. Open the app and then buyer request page. Keep refreshing it again and again and check buyer request. It can arrive anytime.

Nothing show anything :neutral_face:

Don’t worry bro. Create one more gig and ask me if you still can’t see any buyer request.

Okay sister, I’ll try it

Don’t be disappointed. Hope for the best in future.


Buyer request comes for a few minutes. You have to check within some moments. :slight_smile:

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I just recreated my 2 gigs by 3 in same category.
Please you will check it and suggest me.

Hi, @macbluezell

Create an engaging gig that will attract potential buyers. After you are done with this and still don’t have any buyer requests it can be either due to the fact that your gigs are related to a category where buyer requests are not that frequent or either you are not looking for the buyer requests that frequently. Try to refresh the buyer requests page after some time to see if there are any new requests. The page will not refresh itself for you.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your valuable information.,
I just now recreated my gigs in same category.

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You’re always welcome.

will it work or not?

No.,I didn’t show any buyers request!

Did you Select any subcategory of your gig ?

Buyer Request is not that fiver creates in his own, May in which categories you are working, there is no buyer requesting any buyer request. No need to create 3 gigs, if you want to sell a new service then you can create it, no need to create to get the buyer request. Just make sure all categories and subcategories are updated. Even we a team of SEO experts have only 2 gigs, and we are getting daily lots of buyer requests, many requests we can’t send an offer because of our daily “10 offer left today” cames to “0 offer left today”. Thank You. Just be patient and check frequently the buyer’s request.

Congratulations bro…,
But My bad luck, not working anything.
Now for, give up time.
Because, I have more than 6month on fiverr​:pensive::pensive:

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I have checked your gigs. I don’t think in this category, you will get buyer requests. If you have already spent 6 months on Fiverr then you should try to acquire skills with high demands. Search all the categories of Fiverr and you will definitely find some categories with high demand. But keep in mind that they shouldn’t be boring for you. Find what’s interesting for you.