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I didn't understand what is Tipped! Later on WOW!

After consecutive day-night hard works by sending Buyer Request. At last I got a message from my first client whom I offered through buyer request. For me it was very easy task but as it was my first time got communicated from buyer, I was bit nervous/exited to fulfill the task. Client communicated with me around 4 AM and I submitted the job around 6 AM and went to sleep. Client provide me feedback at night 11 PM that there was few mistake and need to revised. But with the excitement I forgot to go through client requirement first :roll_eyes: . I submitted the revised file immediately.

The next mail at 2 AM client politely told me that you didn’t follow my instruction. I will glad to pay you but I have to do the job again from some other designer. I felt really bad and found my mistake. As my gig has money back guarantee offer. so I did the revision with actual file and mention him no need to pay me if this revision is not OK and do this job from other designer. I felt that I LOST MY FIRST JOB :disappointed_relieved:

In the morning around 10 AM I got mail in my Gmail that " You have been tipped". What does it mean! I was Puzzled :roll_eyes::thinking:. I opened my fiverr account and found $15 . I didn’t understand I did a $5 work but how I could I receive $15. Later on I realized it was a $10 Tips against a $5 job and that’s for my good work in time with 5* review feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:.

WOW! it was amazing feelings to complete my first job with full star review!
Thanks to Fiverr to give me the opportunity to work. My heartfelt thanks to my client too.


Your client sent you $10 tip :dollar:
That’s it
Best of luck

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Thanks Brother for your well wishes.

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Welcome Brother!
Best of luck

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