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I did't get orders in 1 year so sad for me

I opened my Fiverr account in probably January 2019. Back then I had a gig related to email lists. This gig had a few sales. After some time I started focusing on my graphics design career. And for this reason I hardly bothered to check out my Fiverr account. I wasn’t active on my account since 5 to 6 months.

After then, on January 2020 I finally started working hardly on Fiverr. I opened my gig on banner design, Shopify banner, image editing and enhancing, color changing, vector tracing, business card. All I want to say is I opened few gigs. I guess gig SEO was fine, gig images were fine, I tried to do marketing but I was bored of it.

As I am not getting sales, and new people are getting so much sales I am kind of disappointed. Now I want to try Fiverr gig sharing option for $10.

I’m expecting advices from Fiverr community, are there problems in my account because I was offline for so long?

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