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I didt get ordets

I didnt get any orders.why is that. Now i am thinking to leave the fiverr also.
Previously i had a separate gig and had unlimited orders.but due to my personal mattet i deleted came with new.i didnt get any orders.

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follow the buyer request

You cannot just sit around and wait for orders anymore. The service you offer is overrun with competiton.



It’s a real shame you deleted your gig instead of just pausing it.

Had you paused it, you would’ve been able to reactivate it with all your former reviews and feedback.

So very true!

This is now one of my favorite pictures in my inspirational picture folders!

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dont worry. share your gig on social media. stay online and try. one day you will get order.and one more thing send buyer request as much as you can.

yeah.thats right. we have to work hard for our success.