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I do many buyer request but i did't get any order. What can i do now?

I received many buyer requests on my existing Gig, but yet I don’t get any order. What can I do now/If you have any suggestions? Please share it with me.


My advice to you is patience and do not rush

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Thank for your advice. Should i need edit my Gig?

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These topics will help you


With time you will learn

BR are known for being bottom of the barrel.

While there are a few decent people there, they usually don’t want to pay 1/10th what the work should be priced at. Even worse, most have no idea how things really work so have completely unrealistic expectations on how freelance work gets done.

As an example, most people who say they want a song mixed & mastered, don’t share the song, let alone how many tracks, if the vocals are in-tune, the drummer in-time… Yet they expect a low, low fixed price quote. This makes it impossible to even know if the work is doable, let alone what resources are needed past the usual 10 hours to complete a mix well. This is before we get into the insane expectations that something recorded in their bathroom in an iPhone 4 is going to compete with Beyonce.

Worse, there are many BR that are actually fronts for sweatshops & other scams. Bottom, line most BR are looking for sellers more clueless than themselves. Do it, if you have nothing else better, but don’t have high expectations of even getting a thanks for taking the time to offer as this is not how great work gets done.


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