I do need to share contact details with buyers


Hi, I sell Spanish conversation lessons over Skype. According to Fiverr policies I’m not allowed to share contact details with buyers. I do need to share my Skype user ID with my clients in order to schedule their lesson and also to deliver the gig. Could you please advise? Thanks in advance!


Contact Customer Support and let them know you have a gig that involves Skype and that you request their permission to contact buyers via Skype. They’ll grant it and you will be fine. :slight_smile:


You could contact support or you can can send an image of your contact information and you should be fine.


cheezees and whiteboard_guy, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my question :slight_smile:


Reply to @spanalized: You’re welcome!


Hi, just wanted to share that I was about to contact Customer support, and then found this:


Which says: "Note: In the event your sellers Gig requires personal contact information to complete the order, such as Skype/Team Viewer coaching, names and address for business cards (etc.), and log in information, you may exchange that information in the order page."

Hope it is useful. =)

Fiverr Customer Support



Reply to @braintech: nice


I have several larger projects I would like to assign to Fiverr sellers but they all require real and detailed communication with the sellers.

Contacted Fiverr support for a permission to share the contact details and the answer was a flat no. It’s sad but it leaves no other option than using other platforms out there.