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I do not get any clicks, orders or impressions

Hello, for some odd reason I cannot seem to get any clicks, orders, Impressions, or views?
Am i doing something wrong with my listing?

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Personally, I find the word “cheap” a little bothersome.

I looked your single Gig over and it looks fine.

The word “cheap” (I think) is a bit of a turn off.

I mean, quick and cheap to me sounds like poor quality.

Find better ways to describe what you are offering and it may turn around for you.

Also, keep in mind that there are THOUSANDS of others offering logo design on Fiverr as well.

Try to be different without using the word ‘cheap’ and see how that goes.


Okay Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

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You should show more things in your gig galery, portfolio and maybe make a background to your gig preview logo.
Watch tutorials on youtube about tag words and gig SEO.

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Will do! Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

Share your gig on your social sites.

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Sorry to bother you, do you know roughly as a beginner how my analytics should look?


They will differ for all of us. Some days I get a few impressions, and a couple of clicks. Other days I get more. It really just depends on what attracts Buyers and who those Buyers are.

There is no magic trick, regardless of what many newbies think.

Just focus on being the best at what you do and don’t quit your day job quite yet.

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Hello it has been a few days and i only have 2 clicks and no orders? I am really not sure what i am doing incorrectly.