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I do not get any Order from fiverr after changing my service category

The services I was provided were Logo design and Business card design. After Learning Web Development and WordPress customization I just switch my service to web development category.

When I sold logo and business card service there I have made 100 (±) in a week but now the day I can’t make even 20 in a month after switched my service category.

Can anyone suggest me any good way to earn passive income from Fiverr? I love to do Web Development related job.

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Passive income? :thinking:

I think you’re looking for active income, since you have to actively do something in order to earn anything on Fiverr.
Also, why didn’t you keep the logo design and business card gigs? If you just delete them all, you basically have to start from scratch, your new gigs will rank lower compared to the ones that already have received reviews and such.

@smitexpert Hey! Same things happened to me recently ! Were you be able to fix the problem ?