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I do not get any order

I am a graphic designer and data entry since February 2018 on fiverr and I have complete seven gigs update again. Please check my gig and tell me my mistakes in this gig for get orders.

I started Fiverr 2 years ago and I have got only three order on fiverr. I spend a lot of time on Fiverr and currently active on fiverr. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to improve my gig and why I am not getting any orders. I have gotten quite a 191 impressions, 1111 views, 318 social clicks and 108 clicks etc and send offer to buyer 2800/- but no orders.


Same thing is appearing here I am on FIverr 1 year ago but I got 0 orders

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You have to create your gig more attractive and also share gig in social media. Stay online and spend time fiverr forum. Best wishes

Try To more attractive Gig Images & Gig title.