I do not get orders for sale help me


I have 1 year experience in professional graphic designers,
I am an experienced Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator brochure design, logo design, business card, e-mail signature, background removal,
Masking and necessary tasks, social cover photos, CD levels, PDF changes, etc. 100% quality
I do not get any order help me


You just joined this June. Promote your gigs, add ORIGINAL samples to your portfolio, use BR and stand out from the rest of the sellers in your category.


Also, keep in mind that the services you are offering are EXTREMELY competitive here on Fiverr. Just because you may be skilled in graphic design work, does not guarantee you any sales. You still have to compete with the many other sellers that are offering the same exact services that you offer. Sellers that find ways to stand out from the crowd are usually the sellers that find the most success.

Stand out. Find a way to be different, and to present your skills in a new and unique way.


Try usin your buyer request page. And apply for gigs from buyers. Use your 10 offers each day.


If you Are new then be patient
ITs take Little Time
Or you can make a new gigs or add videos
Low your Gig budget