I do not get orders


How can I improve my gigs? I got only one order in 5 months. please help me I have posted 102 buyer request but not got any response from any buyer.


Post one of the custom offers you make and we’ll be able to determine why you aren’t receiving orders through those means.


am experiencing that too…
what do i do


If your gig impressions,clicks etc are increasing and you daily send Offer in buyer request and instead you don’t get any order. It means you should improve your gig more.

Good Luck! :+1: :slight_smile:


Thank you Guys. but i do asking how to improve gigs


Same here … i have made all of my gigs after a lot of study and search. But same case not a first single message yet after a lot of days.


I checked the descriptions of a couple of your gigs. You haven’t used your own words - you’ve copied parts of other successful Fiverr sellers’ descriptions. I won’t paste the usernames here as it wouldn’t be fair, but you know where you got them from.

Why not write your own gig descriptions? Buyers are just as likely to check out your descriptions and images (cough!) as any of us here are, because we’re buyers as well as sellers.

Make sure everything’s your own, and I’m sure you’ll see an improvement. Good luck! :sunny:


Respected would you like to visit my gigs ? what’s going wrong with them ? Thank You!


Why not open a thread on ‘Improve My Gig’ of your own, and then lots more users will be able to give you suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:


Improving gig is not just one day job. I think every seller need to keep improving their gig for ever. Their is always some thing we can do to improve the gig.
Tanverr you need to be a bit specific about what you offer in each gig. Categories you gigs as fiverr does. for example, If you offer vintage logo designs then vintage keywords should be in your gig title, also description and tags. Also select vintage logo category.


Thank you sir for suggestion


yes sir you are right. thank you