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I do not getting any orders

I have started my Fiverr journey on 14th February 2020. I have recently completed 4 projects with good reviews in March.
But now I am not getting any orders. How to get?

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Hi, Always try to be active with your pc/ laptop. Mobile phone is not perfect for online status. Try to be active 24/7 and keep patience

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Consider experimenting with one of your gigs by creating and uploading a Gig Video. Regardless of the category, having a Gig Video will attract more potential buyers.

That and be patient. While it’s great you got 4 orders within such a short time from starting on Fiverr, try looking at it in a broader range. Lots of Sellers launch gigs and get no sales for months. Give it some time. The fact that you’ve already gotten orders means that you have a desirable offering. See if you can tweak your other gigs and see if that boosts their performance in your analytics.

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Thank you so much. I am thinking about adding a video in my published gig.

If you want help you just need to create your own topic.