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I do not know what else to improve my gigs (need help)


I really do not know what else to do that would improve my gigs. I have tried so much and i still do not have a lot of impressions clicks views. I am wanting someone to check out my gigs and explain to me what i am doing wrong.


Okay… let’s start there. What “so much” have you already tried? What have you already been doing to earn your success?


Hello Jonbaas,

Thank you so much for taking the time and replying to my message. I currently have 4 gigs that are out to the public but I’ve tried to change the title multiple times, change the description and keywords and thumbnail but I still seem to get no trafficking.

One thing that I’m very passionate at is speaking in front of a camera but I really do not know what else to do.


Have you been reaching out to your target customers, showing them how you can solve their video needs, and then convincing them to hire you?


Ive tried to use buyer requests but no one tends to reply to me.


Hey man, I made a new gig. Can you give me your honesty on it?