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I Do Not Like Fiverr Anymore


I do not like Fiverr anymore because ever since I have joined fiverr, I haven’t gotten just an order on any of my gig. I am a bit perplex. I bought a gig on Fiverr which is about promoting your gig to millions of people (targeted buyers) but still, I have no orders. I don’t really know what’s wrong and I guess my Description, Introduction, Images are good. So why is orders not coming in.

I can’t even remember the amount of Ebooks and Videos I have bought online just because I wanna be having orders. What exactly is wrong? Where exactly is my mistake? And I am always online achieving and earning nothing for the day.

I can’t even find my gig on Fiverr and Google after publishing. Is there anything wrong with me? Are they cursing me? All I want is solutions please. I can’t just quit like that you know.


One of your gigs is ‘I Will Show You How I Get Unlimited TRAFFIC To My Website’ - it’s a service you’re selling, so I presume you can deliver what you’re offering, otherwise you’ll end up with unhappy buyers, so why not use whatever method you use in your gig to deliver traffic to your gigs? :slight_smile:

Also, what makes your gigs stand out from all the other similar ones? What can you do better?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


To be honest it does seem like your lacking in one of the most important traits a freelancer needs. That is patience.


lol::grin: I love your answer. Actually, I bought the gig on Fiverr late last year. Last month, I realized the gig I once bought isn’t on Fiverr anymore. So, I just decided to resell it. ( I applied a sense of Arbitrage )

The gig was helpful though but it’s all about creating a professional wordpress site and submitting your sitemaps to thousands of directories, getting backlinks ideas and tracking competitors backlinks. I don’t wanna do any mistake that is the reason why I decided not to promote my fiverr gigs on those directories. I might be banned at the end when google notice am promoting a wrong link sir.

What I know I can do better is creating logo design for website and data typesetting but promoting my skill the main issue am facing now.


I’m sorry, but your excuse not to like Fiverr anymore is lame. In the Business/Freelancing world, it’s a jungle out there. Survival of the fittest! Be resilient, resourceful, and stay focused.

An extremely helpful post that you can learn a thing or two. :arrow_down:


In that case, you’d better pause or delete the gig if you don’t want to use the method you described - there’s no point in having it there if it doesn’t work, or you’re not prepared to use it yourself. It will inevitably lead to poor reviews if clients are unhappy with your methods.


Hmmmm, I respect you sir. You asked me to be patient but not until my patience get tired.
You understand I guess.


Hmmmm, That’s true. Noted sir.
Thanks my offlinehelper. :smiley:


Sure, personally i usually move on to the next thing if a business doesn’t take off in a year or two. On fiverr i got lucky and made my first sale after 2 years of research, trial and error.


Calm down :tiger:

A sound but ‘firm’ word of advice, using the term “I Love You” to a stranger is kinda creepy. :fearful: Never ever address the ladies on this forum in that manner.


:grinning: Alright Nikavoice


Oh my God! 2 years? I’m scared of what you just said.
Guess you are enjoying your Fiverr now but mine can’t be up to that year by God’s grace.


You have joined Fiverr this month, and you don’t like it anymore because you haven’t made any sales yet?

Perhaps you’d be happier with a regular job instead of freelancing.


promote your gig on social media like facebook,twitter,google+


My God No! What an awful experience! Don’t go. Please stay.

Actually, just go.


Only make a gig that you are confidant that works no matter what it is. No use in making promises that you cannot deliver. As @offlinehelpers suggested why sell a gig to others that did not work for you. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the You need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first sale. Good luck!


Don’t give up that easily son

Follow all the advice that was posted by other respective members.

Those gig advertising gigs are ALL SCAMS. They don’t work. They create fake groups and add random people to it. It can actually harm your gig than help it to get exposure.
What they do is spam your gig links to random people who aren’t even interested in your gig and your gig will earn a bad reputation than earning $$

Don’t be lazy. No one will promote your gig for you. You have to do it yourself… Use other social media to share your gigs.

You can also regularly participate in Fiverr forum right here and you may meet potential buyers.

Don’t use Buyer’s requests. Yeah, don’t use it lol

Thank me later


Patient does not help months. If you do not get order in months, you will not get in years either. I used Facebook promotion, it did not get me a single buyer.
I changed my Gigs if it did not many clicks. I changed descriptions, I added my real photo. I don’t which one change help. I started 2 months ago. This month I have sold 4 gigs, 1 of them for 495 usd.
But now I dont have any order. I have again started Facebook campaign after changing target countries.
I always keep on Clicks number. If 1 get less click, I delete or change. You may look at my Gigs


@karimkhan544 how much have you spent doing Facebook targeted promotional campaigns?

I guess it won’t be free to promote that way.


I used around 35 usd before. But not a single sell from there. Now I am boosting seven posts (link og gigs) 7 usd per post.Spending for 5 usd gigs do not pay off. I normally sell 100/125 usd Gig. I change now target countries very precisely.