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I do not see Labels option on the left panel - Under Inbox Section


Hey Guys,

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

I suddenly do not see the labels option ( on left side menu ) under the Inbox Section.

This was really great to manage gigs & communications with your clients.

Has anyone else noticed the same?

Most Strange part is:

I do not see it on our main conversations panel.

But when i open a particular conversation with someone .

I do see the Labels coming back on the left side.

Is this a user specific bug? :-?


It is the same for me right now. I came to the bugs forum to see if anyone else mentioned it. I’ll trying the cache when I shut down for the night. Thanks for the tip!


My problem has been solved by Fiverr Support Team.

Clearing my browser cache solved the issue. =D>


Unfortunately the problem was back to me some time ago.

It seems even clearing the cache & cookies does not help at times.