I do not understand... What happen with fiverr today?


I do not understand… What happen with fiverr today?


What do you mean? What happened?


BR is crazy. I can not delete the request that i do not into it.


When making changes I have to do it 2-3 times.


I already made that, But still do not show any new and always the old request.


I noticed that too when I make changes in my gigs. I must click SAVE 2 or 3 times, otherwise it doesn´t save the changes.


Log out, log in, refresh and try again. I find that helps when there are problems saving edited/changed text.


Any strange happening with you?


I already did that many times. It is refreshed now but many people has offered to the request of today…


Somebody wrote me from Senegal, providing me his e–mail. The rest all is ok…


Haha, I also got someone from Senegal sending me his email :slight_smile:


Since this thread seems somewhat open ended (what happened with Fiverr today) and I see that Woofy has a cake that happened with Fiverr today - happy cakeday Woofy!


heheh. It is truth? HB woofy?


hahaha Bizarre!! A hacker?


I think It is like fiverr wants I send offers to every request If I did not I can not delete the request.


Perhaps it was a prince offering his inheritance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: as famous as it was back in the days.

Or was it @Woofy31 making pranks on his birthday? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Don’t Provide your email just report it. Fiverr will Ban their account.


I got the same. and when I went to delete it, his account was already gone… Bah-bye.


Thank you so much @fonthaunt ! :blush: (and I just saw my cake badge is missing - oh, duh, I ate it :smiley: )


Today was the same! With another account!:scream: