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I do: Quality Blockchain \ Crypto, Research and Writing

The first time I ever posted in the “My Fiver Gigs” category I wrote about my Blockchain Research Gig. I love research, and people appreciate my work. I quickly got a message from someone asking if I wanted to help them write a presentation about blockchain. Since I had just written a 3500 word lesson on bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, I figured, why not? I’ve now done a ton of research into bitcoin’s academic history, how mining works, trends in blockchain, the works. Every time I write about the same subject, I learn more and get better at writing about it.

Initially, I only marketed my research skills on Fiverr. I do thorough, in-depth research, and there are already tons of writers on this site (who probably write faster than me). Because of this forum, I sold my first writing gig on fiver! (YAY) Around the same time, I also got hired for a handful of writing projects from someone I met off-site. All of that inspired me to create a gig new gig for content creation.

People say that I’m a good writer. I think of myself as being good at gathering and organizing information, and I have detailed quality-assurance methods.

Aaaanyways… if you would appreciate some assistance with research, or writing about blockchain, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: