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I do some changes and my gig disappear from search box

Hi, I am new on fiverr.
I do some changing in my gig and my gig is disappear from the fiverr search box.
I’m so much confused.Kindly tell me what is going wrong as soon as possible…


kindly search with your gig title and see your gig in first page if not comment here .

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I search by title but my gig is not present in search result

From my experience, If you changed the gig seo metabox it will take 2-3 days to appear again. If don’t appear after 5-7 days open a support ticket and take help


yes I change metabox but after changing my gig appear in search box i check many times but Now it is not present in any page

All kinds of website have caching mechanism. I am pretty sure you had seen a cached version. I always seen it take 2-3 days after editing SEO metabox

@jaforahmed57 is absolutely correct

After that where it is shown

Check here is your gig is active

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Thank You so much…(pussyacat)

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It will appear in search result within 72 hours. So please search again after 34 days

your gig is just lost its ranking.edit to make it rank again.

I check all the pages but my gig is not present.

Editing doesn’t mean it will rank. Please don’t spread misinformation.

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it will take 2-3days.