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I does not understand the orders workflow


Hello I have created a gig, I does not understand how I can withdraw the money?, where is the money the people pay to me?, i mean, while i was creating my gig, fiverr never asked me my paypal account, so when a client order my gig, is his money in the limbo?, after people pay to me what is the next step?



Hi and welcome.

When you get an order, you do the work and deliver it. The buyer will reply with (hopefully) positive feedback and this marks the order as “complete”.

Then the money you earned will start to clear (takes 14 days) and you can withdraw after that time.

If the buyer does not leave a review, the order will auto complete in 3 days and then the money you earned will clear (takes 14 days) and you can withdraw after that time.

The soonest (approx.) you can withdraw is 14 days. You can everything in your “sales” under “revenue”.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


You can set your PayPal account when you withdraw the money. :slight_smile: (By the way I recommend to withdraw bigger amounts of money, not just 4 bucks, because Paypal takes fee from each transaction.)


Yes ynneblack is right.

If you withdraw less than $100 the percentage can be about 2.78%. $100 or over is $1.00, just 1%.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Actually, it’s 2% but will not exceed $1 per transaction. So withdrawing anything over $50 (2% of $50 = $1) is preferable.



Hmmm, according to my PP statements it’s 2.78%.

Maybe because I have a business account??



Ya know what? 2.78% is what I pay PP for sales I transact thru PP, not for transferring funds !! :slight_smile:

My fund transfer fee is even less than the 2% you cite, but it’s still more cost effective to transfer over $100 for just a buck, making it 1%.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Maybe that’s it! The business account must have different rates. So for us “lowly” folk, it’s 2% up to $1. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ho ok I will wait until I get $50, thanks guys =D