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I don´t appear listed :(


I logged myself out and looked for my profile and it appears that there are no users with my User Name.
So I looked in the services and can´t find myself, looked up to the last page.

What should I do?

Hello there,
Fiverr search engine is not effective to search for users.
You can simply put your username after “/” to see your profile when you’re logged out.
And about the gig, it depends on your Gig impression, clicks, views etc.
Promote your gig to social media, make some sell, it will automatically start moving for the top page :wink:
Good luck…

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Hey I was looking for users with the name lucky and there is a list of 27 users with lucky in their name but I dont show up do you have any idea why?

I don’t know, I can’t find my ID too…
So I give my username and who need to find me, just use URL.
Read this :slight_smile:

I looked for Marketing Strategy which is one of my gigs and went through the complete listing and could not find my gig… :cry: