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I don´t get my email verification code

I´m trying to create my first gig, but previously I need to pass email and telephone verification… and it´s just doesn´t working.

Primarily, this has been a recent issue with new sellers who are creating a gig now, just back down a bit. Turn back 1 or two pages back and forth.

This is how I saw someone do.
This is no fixed process to do this.

Yet, if you fail, the contact CS


Well… finally it worked doing… nothing.

I´ve just let the Chrome tab spending for someone give me an advice. And then I´ve came back to try again, and it worked.
I think it´s just a matter of time for the server…

Thanks very much!


Clear your web browser and then try it.

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:+1: Ok! I´ll do it now

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I am having the same problem. I hope it fixes itself as it did for you. I thought maybe Fiverr has issues with outlook/Hotmail/live email addresses or something. The confirmation email never came in, and I have checked junk/spam folders often.