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I don’t have a first client for 20days

Why i dont have client for first time

This my gigs


I think you need to add more attractive gig images. because the title & gig image is very important for get order, & do social media marketing to grow up your gig rank

Please improve your English knowledge then you are worth to get.

HI Earthlygood…welcome to the hood.

Some people sure lucky to have their first order in a couple of days, but some of us are not such lucky.
Just be sure to have set up your Gig properly…check the for tips to that in the FAQs section.

And you can rest assured that your sales will come.

Have a good freelancing time.
CHEERS :+1: :v:


It takes a while to get sales when you are new. Check the grammar of your descriptions, and utilize buyer requests.

Sometimes it takes a long time. I got my 1st order in 1 month. Always be active and make buyer requests.

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Does sent offers existing still mean that the buyer hasnt chose an offer yet? I have 2 sent offers thats been there for days. I have no messages or email so it cant be mine that was chosen.