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I don\'t have last name. How can I fill the withdraw form to local bank?

Help, I don’t have a last name. My real name at my ID card just one word, no last name, but when i want withdraw with bank transfer, the form need the lastname. What must I do?

Put your first name into the last name column as well and see if it works.

That’s really interesting that some cultures don’t practice having last names. I know this is out of context, but how do you guys manage to not confuse each other when you might end up having the same first name?

To answer your question:
Maybe you can ask Customer Support to help you out…

I’m not sure this will work but try clicking the space tab in the Last name field. The system may translate it as a character. Otherwise, just contact CS, I am sure they can help you out some way.
Best of luck

not weork, not detect it :frowning:

Use your name as your first and your last name, double it.