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I don’t have shownig money in my “Funds Pending Clearance”

I have an issue.last night buyer accept my deliver and gave me a tip too.but i looked at the earnings.its only showing earning from the

tip as the picture i included.can you tell me why?

You get 80% of the tip.

no this is my earning.he gave me a 18$ total earning is 108$.but in the pending clearence its only shows earning of the tip

So there should be a line with $72 on it somewhere in your earnings page. Give it another day to show up and if it doesn’t you can ask customer support about it.

I searched that.but it not show anywhere.further its not showing in completed list too

As @misscrystal mentioned, give it about 24hrs, some times it takes time to show up in those earning records. If it didn’t show up even after like 24hrs, you can ask CS to step in and help. No need to worry about, it’s a completed order so Fiverr will definitely fix it for you and credit the balance on your account.

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ok thanks. I will wait and let you know