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I don’t know why this happening over 2 months

I was on level 1 seller but I lost that. Then my gigs are losing the rank and don’t get the orders for more than 2 months.

But recently get order 6 days before…Can I get back my gigs ranking and sales?

Sure, if you work hard and don’t rely on Fiverr to hand you orders.

On another note - all your gigs appear to be offering the exact same service. You’ve even copy and pasted the same gig description across all of them.

Pretty sure that’s a violation of Fiverr’s ToS. Having 7 copies of 1 gig is not going to get you more orders.

Edit: Deleting the two without reviews doesn’t help if you keep the other five copies anyway.


Recently you get an order and this is good news for your gig.