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I don´t like your translation

What do you think about this:

A buyer asked me for cancellation after delivering job because “it´s similar to what I got in google translation”… I explained all the BIG differences between an automated and a human translation. A highly similar translation with google doesn’t mean the translation makes sense. I offered changes even though delivered job was perfect. Buyer didn´t reply… they asked for cancellation to Customer Service and they agreed… refunded the client, without even contacting me, and now I found my exact work posted online…
Cancelled orders affects us (sellers), I lost money and time.

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This is the case I faced few days ago !
I contacted CS first when Buyer asked to cancel job, and shared all screen shots of messages I thought would useful to CS to decide.
They didnt cancel order at all even if buyer contacted them…later we mutually decide to place new order with small amount and cancel current order!
so I had no loss of full money and time :slight_smile:

I’m sorry this happened to you.
Can you contact the buyer and point that out?
Is the seller still around?

Contact support and show them where it was posted online. If they did that to me I would request them to replace the money that was refunded.

The “It’s like Google” is quite a common complaint though. I suggest you put together a clear answer to use to respond to people who say this in future. Having a clear and strong answer is likely to be effective in deterring CS from refunding just like that (as stupid as the need to do that sounds)