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I don’t see buyers request

I don’t see buyers request from my app
I don’t know why, maybe they haven’t requested
My gig are mainly on writing


Once you reach 1k impression you’ll start seeing them. Just some patience


1K impressions on every gig?

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Keep refreshing your buyers request section, you will see them.

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I was seeing before and now I’ve stopped seeing

I don’t think you need to reach 1k impressions to start seeing Buyer Requests. It depends on your gigs category, maybe there are no buyers requesting for services on your gig categories at the moment. I’ll advice you to keep refreshing Buyer Request page once in a while.

I see requests in all categories, I don’t think they’re limited to categories.

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Yes they are, you can’t see Request on Graphics Design if your gigs are about HTML emails or Data Entry. You will only see request on Data Entry or HTML emails.