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I don"t see my Buyer request please Give me your tips



Nobody is looking for something in your field. It’s that simple.
Have a look at another day and time.


i dont’t understant please say details…


Create more gigs. Sometimes it happens, if your account is new.


refresh it maybe… or the services that you are providing are not in demand… What services are you providing?


Background Remove and photoshop editing


I know this fiverr accept only 7 gigs but you say create more gigs i don’t understand you


Oops! If you have reached your gigs limit then you need to make changes to the existing gigs. Choose some different category where you feel you can do it.


okay I know from experience that there are not much demands of Photoshop. I hardly used to find any myself. You should create new gigs like go to a broader category like I will logo designing, etc.


thanks for your suggest…i will try …


no problem. anytime…