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I donot get oders yet


helllo guys im doing web developing . but i still not get any orders why is that ??
these are my gigs please tell me if i do any correction on it


Please be patient. It usually takes a while for good gigs to catch on in the marketplace. In the meantime, you can certainly promote your gigs elsewhere online on your own as well. Don’t depend upon Fiverr to be the only place people see your gigs. If you’re into web developing, develop a website or blog to feature and write about your gig(s). You need to take responsibility for your own success, and this always requires hard work.

Keep improving your gigs, market them on your own, and be willing to work hard to build your success. If you can do this things, you’ll be setting yourself up for the kind of sales that you seek.

  1. Use your own profile picture. It helps build trust.
  2. I suspect you are from UK. Your english above says everything. There is no need of hiding your true location.
  3. Why have you copied your description from another fiverr user.


Same here. I’m also not getting orders. I used to get 2 to 3 orders daily but now I get 5 to 6 orders in a month. But don’t give up… Keep your thumbnail attractive so that the buyers can see what and how your work is. Give a good description and a good package to the buyers. Make changes to every gigs every two or three weeks. You will get some orders.



You will start getting orders when you be the real you and stop using other people’s ideas and photos.:sunglasses:


hello budd shall i use logo for profile pic.


It takes a while to start getting more “oders” I wish you many blessings! Hang in there


You do not use your picture as your thumbnail too. I can’t say where you got yours too


Frankly, I think the thumbnail a seller has on his/her profile has little to offer in terms of improving the frequency of orders, After all, its not like buyer order your thumbnail. Hahahaha
On a more serious side, we all know that people seem to be attracted to nice things (in this case, an image). So, it will be better if one used a nice picture for thumbnail.
Peace out.


Fortunately, I DO practice what I preach.

If you do not know, then I invite you to look up the following sites with my username: youtube, instagram, soundcloud, deviantart, flickr.


And this has helped your stay on Fiverr ‘tremendously’?


First of all I do not understand where you are going with this. This thread was about “NOT getting orders”, and OP profile’s is NOT original and I pointed that out.

I am not here to mentor others, nor do I want to engage in an off topic conversation, so this will be my last post to you. You want to find out whether profile pictures affect sales or not, please go ahead and create a thread in the “Conversation” category.

Now it is NOT about whether profile picture helps sales or not but it is the matter of the principle AND following the rules AND engaging in proper conduct of The TERMS OF SERVICE of FIVERR.

Please review the screenshot below and also click on the link to Fiverr Support for FURTHER DETAIL INFORMATION.

If you worked on OTHER freelance websites, they are very strict on user Images, where your profile does NOT even get activation until you upload your OWN FACE.

So quit trying to deviate from the topic and how about you also follow the rule with the rest of the pack!


  • DJ


if @jeniff3r revealed HIS true face and gender, and stopped pretending he’s from the UK I think his chances for getting “oders” would increase tremendously.

@okwukweka I think buyers are more and more aware that this surge of blond teenage girls who look like models AND know how to web design, Photoshop images, animate videos etc, may in fact be fake after all.

I am not a handsome fella, nor could I model on the side, but I did my best and I actually hired a professional to shoot some cool profile pics for me.

I think being honest is more important than having a pretty picture when it comes to your prospects trusting you with their money.


buddy i have already changed my location but how cant change my user name


Well, I just took a few selfies on my Samsung tablet and uploaded them on Fiverr…


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@writer99025 That’s a great approach! And your image looks great too.

@jeniff3r please stop calling everyone “buddy”. No one does that. Not unless you are playing a minority character in a 90’s movie. Or if you are trying to pick a fight in a bar.

It’s a bit rude in my book.

You can’t change your username. Maybe you should write a disclaimer telling people you are not actually a woman. And that you are sorry you tried to deceive buyers with an attractive female model pic and a fake user name.


Similar problem, I started using Fiverr around two years back. My first two months were really good and I got plenty of orders.

However I stopped using Fiverr after the initial two odd months, as I got busy in other stuff. I have twice tried to bring my Giggs back to life but I have not been able to get any order.

Nothing seems to be working. Strange.


Thank you for the enlightenment. I guess I’ll change mine. :))