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I donot know How do I get Paid?

I just have completed my first order :slight_smile: Acutely I accessed the buyer in send quote option. He sent message and I completed the order. I have not yet sent him the final product but I have shown him a screen short of my work. Now what should I do how can I make sure that he had paid or He will pay me.
Infact he demanded work for $5 in his quote and I also sent him the demand of $5 but we have not talk about the pricing in our message.
Can anyone tell me about this it will be kind of you.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

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Did he place an order? Or are you just doing this without having the customer actually place a Fiverr order?

It doesn’t sound like you sent a custom offer and he accepted it. If this did happen, the customer paid Fiverr. Once the order is delivered and marked complete, it will be held for 14 days. Once it has cleared, you can transfer it to PayPal or use for purchases on Fiverr (however, your payment will only be $4 after the Fiverr fee)

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In selling option I clicked send quote. There I click send offer in front of that person’s description. Fiverr asked me to link a gig write description, money, time period and all the other thing. I did that. Then after an hour the person sent me a message and asked me to do the work I asked him for details and did the work with in one hours. Now I have sent the screenshot of final work but did not sent the actual file because I donot know what to do. He is offline currently but when he come back he is going to ask me for the file. _

I don’t think he placed an order.
Go to your profile and look at “Sales”. Does it say “in progress”? If not- you need to have the customer accept the offer asap!

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No there nothing which have even connection to that customer other than my inbox. Can you please tell me in detail what should I do.
I will be very nice of you. Thanks in advance

You need to tell the customer they need to accept the offer you sent.

To make it easier, I would create a new custom offer with the same information. Once they accept the offer and pay, you will be notified.

As of now- you are doing all the work for free! There is no contract between you and the buyer. Stop all work until he pays. You will know as you will get an email, and if you’re on the app, you will get a notification that you have a new order.

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Okay! thank you very much :+1: :+1:

@asimhamzajoyia I’m sorry to tell you this, but there really isn’t an obligation on the potential buyer’s part in this case. While what he has done may be unprofessional if he understands the situation, it isn’t actually a violated of the Fiverr Terms of Service. The reason is that Fiverr never intends for you to begin working on a project until after the client has paid for it. When the client accepts your quote,

Fiverr holds their money in a kind of escrow. (It’s a holding place while the order is in progress.) That way the client pays up front, but you don’t get the funds immediately. When you finish and deliver the work, the client has the opportunity to accept the work or ask you to revise the work.

If the client accepts the work and the order is marked complete, the money is held by Fiverr for 14-17 days. The funds would be shown as pending clearance for that time and then finally, they are marked as cleared and you can withdraw.

In your case, the client never actually placed an order, so by doing the work anyway, you are kind of in a bind. If you are lucky the client will understand the situation and realize there was a misunderstanding and they will order the work and you can deliver it. If they don’t order, though, neither you or Fiverr can force them. In that case you will just have to use the work for someone else or put it in your portfolio as sample work. Good luck and let me know if you don’t understand any of this.

He is in touch with me and asking to get the job done and I have sent him a custom offer and ask him to accept it and I will get the work done.

I hope it works out. No matter what happens, just be sure to be professional and polite at all times, even if the buyer decides not to go through with it. Communications on Fiverr can make you or break you in the early stages! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your time. It worth a lot to me :slight_smile:

You should really take the time to read all of Fiverr Academy so that you understand how to send and accept orders so that these kind of things don’t happen.

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Yes, I will do at. I know this has happened due to my immaturity.